About Us

Understanding the critical challenges involved in handling hazmat shipments, DGP has emerged as a pivotal ally for manufacturers, freight forwarders and shippers worldwide.

Our commitment is to ensure that every hazardous goods consignment is managed with the highest degree of safety and expertise.

DGP was driven by an understanding of the demands and stringent regulations surrounding the transport of dangerous goods. Our foundation is built on expertise in navigating the complex landscape of DG logistics. This makes us the go-to specialists in hazmat packaging.

Serving a wide range of clients and handling goods including ammunition, chemicals, dry ice and biologicals, we specialize in catering to the needs of freight forwarders, manufacturers and shippers who prioritize the utmost reliability and precision in the handling of hazardous goods. Whether dealing with flammable, corrosive, gases, lithium batteries or any other category of dangerous goods, DGP possesses the expertise to ensure your cargo is packaged, documented, and prepared for transport according to the regulations.

For us, safety in the transportation of hazardous goods isn’t just a component of our services. It is our first priority and coupled with our unwavering dedication to safety and customer satisfaction has solidified our reputation as industry leaders in the hazardous goods logistics sector in the Southern California region.

Partnering with us means your hazmat needs are secure, enabling you to focus on moving your business forward.

Thank you for choosing DG Packaging (USA) as your trusted partner in hazardous goods packaging and services. Together, we’re not just navigating the complexities of hazmat; we’re setting new standards for safety.